Karen "KJ Sassypants" Hawkwood

1:1 Work

Glimpse In The Mirror

An introduction to your complexity. Over two 75-minute sessions I'll describe the archetypal "characters" that live inside you, how they get along and how they don't, and where you're likely to get caught like a wishbone among them and what to do about that. The overview is high-level so we can also shift your relationship with these "selves" - the information isn't useful without the ability to put it into action. I'll send you out of these two conversations with a changed view of yourself, and a changed way of being in the world.

Please know a few things before you book:

- Even at the overview level, this work is deep and can get intense. That's what makes it effective. You need to come in willing to go wherever the work takes us, though I listen carefully for your edges and respect them deeply. Even so, you are the captain of your own ship, and you also need to be able to ask for what you need and give me clear feedback.

- Odds are good that I'm going to introduce you to at least one part of yourself you've been avoiding, which is often startling and usually uncomfortable until we have time to integrate what we find. Please bring a willingness to find out more than you thought you knew.

- This is NOT a "chart reading". While I use astrological symbology for this work, I also use other systems, myth and fairy tales, depth psychology, and my own perceptive skills to discern your archetypal landscape. I also weave my coaching skills into the mix to handle the inner conflicts we discover in that landscape.